What Types of Locks Do I Need?

At Pro Locksmith Provo, we want you not simply to be happy with the finished item, but also to understand why a specific type of lock is best for your needs. Here you will discover summaries of the various types of locks. All of them have different purposes, and some might match your requirements much better than others. For more details about having any of these locks installed at your house, or to speak with one of our professional locksmiths about which locks are best for you, call us at:p:. If you are interested in installing the locks yourself, click here to discover one of our local shops near you.


The deadbolt is an extremely basic function for the majority of home entry doors. The truth that it has a system that prevents it from turning without the correct key has made it a vital addition for basic house security. There are 3 standard types of deadbolt: single cylinder, double cylinder, and keyless cylinder.

Single cylinders

Single cylinders open with a key one side and a knob on the other. This is the most basic style of a deadbolt. Nevertheless, if there is a window right next to the door, a single cylinder deadbolt is not always optimum since if the door is locked a thief can break the window, reach through, and simply turn the knob to get in your house. That stated, they are still incredibly reliable security gadgets.

Double cylinders

These deadbolts need a key to get in or leave from either side. Numerous specialists consider double cylinders more of a danger due to the fact that in case of an emergency, if a key is not easily offered, the locked door becomes an obstruction to individuals trying to leave the house or building. The majority of building regulations ban this type of lock from being used, specifically for domestic structures.

Keyless cylinders

Keyless cylinders provide you a standard deadbolt lock, however they either require a password or a key (or both) to go into the house. You can learn more about keyless locks here, but keyless cylinder deadbolts with a keyhole can supply an effective mix between basic lock systems and contemporary lock technology. If they need both a key and a password, that’s two levels of security consisted of in the exact same lock. When installing a deadbolt, the manage itself is important, however likewise think about the other parts of the system. Without all the parts of the deadbolt and the door interacting, setting up a security procedure like this will be inefficient and useless. Strike Plates hold the lock in place and keep it constant. While some strike plates are not strong enough to work as more than an ornamental function, the actual lock truly does need a strong strike plate. The strike plate need to be secured into the wall as firmly as possible, utilizing screws that are long enough to reach the door frame and not simply the door jamb. Tip: Your deadbolt ought to be at least 1 inch long or longer. Anything shorter will more than likely not be strong enough to hold the door in place. The Door Frame is the forgotten part of the lock. The deadbolt is a robber’s bad dream because when a deadbolt is correctly and firmly set up, the door will not move. Nevertheless, if the door frame lacks the structural stability to support the strike plate and the weight of the bolt, the protected points of the deadbolt will not hold up enough to prevent a burglar from entering your home.

Smart Locks

Smart locks, or “virtual keys”, are ending up being more popular as people are relying increasingly more on their mobile phones to handle as many elements of their lives as possible. A smart lock is any type of lock that does not need a key and can be connected through your smart device through bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This suggests that you have the ability to lock and open your doors in your house with a click of a button on your smart device. In addition to locking and unlocking doors, a smart lock can send an alert directly to your phone whenever somebody demands access, rings a doorbell, or enters your house. Numerous mobile apps also enable you to grant remote access if someone approaches with a shipment or has actually forgotten their key. The clever lock has two parts: a lock and a key. The mobile phone ends up being the “key” and can open the designated lock with your verification. There are several issues connected with smart locks. First of all, if for some reason the internet goes down, it would be impossible to enter your house without a manual key. Therefore, it is highly recommended to constantly have a copy of your manual key on hand, regardless of how reliable the wise lock is thought to be. Since the smart lock is associated with WiFi, it can easily be hacked into. As a precaution, it is best to keep your home WiFi secured (if possible, utilize an encryption that requires two modes of verification) and use a strong password. Another issue is that the wise locks operate on batteries which can pass away without warning. If you decide to update to a smart lock system, guarantee that the batteries are changed routinely and always working correctly. The benefit of wise locks in today’s day and age is convenience and ease of access. Having the ability to gain access to and control your home locks from any place decreases any anxiety of whether your house is securely locked. It likewise allows you to unlock the door for neighbors who need to borrow something, the pet dog walker, the messenger with the big plan, or your kid who forgot their key after school. Before installing any wise locks, ask your knowledgeable locksmith for any recommendations on which system is best for your requirements.

Keyless Locks

Keyless locks are any type of locks that do not always require a manual key for entryway. Instead, the user will acquire entrance by going into a passcode to the lock. They differ from wise locks since the programming is done manually instead of by means of a mobile phone, and as such they can likewise not be managed from another location. Keyless locks provide high security because every user needs the passcode to unlock the doors. The added benefit is that even if these locks contain a manual keyhole attached to a basic lock, the door will not open without the addition of the passcode. They are generally utilized in industrial facilities and not in private house. Another benefit is you do not require to worry about misplacing your keys and being locked out of your house; as long as you have the passcode, you have the ability to go into your home. Remember it is important to select a passcode that is not quickly thought such as “1234,” to prevent any intruders into your home. The keyless locks operate on battery life, so it is highly advised to inspect the batteries frequently and change them routinely. They can likewise be attached to a manual lock to operate in conjunction with each other. The most hassle-free feature of keyless locks is that you can constantly alter the passcode at any point, so if you think there is a hazard of theft, you do not have to race out to alter or rekey all your locks. Plus, the keyless locks come with direction brochures, or are basic enough on their own, that altering the codes is only a very little trouble. Think about updating your house locks to a keyless entry system for better security and availability.